Boris Johnson: arithmetically challenged!

The numbers that are perfectly clear are that 333,000 net immigrants entered the UK in 2015. Boris then focussed on the 184,000 from the EU while never really addressing the 188,000 from the Non-EU and completely ignoring the 39,000 Brits emigrating. The sum really is 184,000 EU immigrants + 188,000 non-EU immigrants – 39,000 UK emigrating from the UK  = 333,000 net immigrants.

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Cheaper to get dementia in Holland than in the UK

£137,000 versus £89,000 (€164,000 versus €106,000) those are the out-of-pocket costs on a comparable basis for two cases of dementia care in the UK and in Holland. For six years I managed the care for two elderly ladies (around 90 years of age) with dementia in both the UK and in the Netherlands. In the UK there is practically no financial

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