Let’s talk turkey (uh Turkey)

This is to those Brexiteers who were thinking: “With some luck we might now avoid having half the population of Turkey over here.”

The Dutch have 50 years of experience with Turkish migrants and they are not the problem, not a social problem, not an ISIS problem! Many go back home having made their money. It is the reason why one, when visiting tourist sites in Istanbul one is often addressed in near perfect Dutch or German.

Turkish immigrant contribution to the community does not stop at only work. When a Turkish crook (had been in prison for VAT fraud and weapon possession) started a brothel across the street from my country house in eastern Holland, the Turkish community and Councillor were instrumental in supporting the opposition.  

Part of my eleven visits to Turkey was to buy a manufacturing plant. The Dutch CEO of the pan-European acquirer said: ‘To be honest, they can teach us things about plant efficiency…’

In all my travels, I know Turks to be hardworking, friendly and humble across the socio-economic layers.

That said, Erdogan has much to answer for he is decidedly not a force of reconciliation and advancement. Moreover, he has far reaches. When a Dutch town erected a monument to commemorate the victims of the Armenian genocide by Turkey, buses were miraculously hired to ferry Turkish demonstrators to the town….

In the EU, as long as there is a single-country veto and Erdogan, Turkey will not enter or become a member.

24th June 2016

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