The use of Regulation & sitting at the rule-making table

My wife had food poisoning last year due to bad oysters. However, in 99.999999999% of the oysters eaten in Europe, whether they come from Normandy to Spain to elsewhere in the world, you do not get sick thanks to common regulations and standards. In fact, thanks to EU regulations & standards.

Dyson is undoubtedly correct in saying that German vacuum cleaner manufacturers try to slant the EU standard setting process in their own favour.  Yet, if you walk away, as he wants, what will happen? First, you have no idea what is playing at the regulatory body ahead of new rules. Second, you have no way of influencing the process. Third, for every vacuum cleaner you want to import into the EU, you still have to abide by the rules set in that market. Fourth, guess what, the new rules are going to be even less favourable to you than if you had sat at the table in the first place.

As said before, one cannot play football unless you are in the stadium or ice hockey unless you are in the rink.

16 June 2016

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