Philly: Theresa ‘Empty Slogan’ May is at it Again: what Hypocrisy!

Proving that even a Prime Minister can stoop to the lowest level of being a sycophant, Theresa ‘Empty Slogan’ May delivered a series of disturbingly hypocritical utterings to the US Republicans in Philadelphia on 26th January, 2017.

“Dawn breaks on a new era of American renewal” other than the appalling cliché and stupidity of using ‘new’ twice, nobody in their right mind would have thought that the US had grown stale or old: economic growth, job creation, global trade leadership, environmental leadership, technology, pharmaceuticals, universities & science to name a few.

But Theresa leaves the worst for ‘fellow conservative principles’. To whit:

“Value of liberty” Except freedom of the press (Trump’s #1 enemy), freedom of MP’s to vote on Brexit, freedom of women to decide on their own body, freedom of movement in the EU.

“Dignity of work” Except for the Mexicans, except for the Polish builder, the ‘global citizen who is from nowhere.’

“Principle of nationhood” Except for the minority or poor person who is being prevented to vote by Republican policies, except for the Gold Star family who was bullied and insulted by Trump, except for the disenfranchised groups who were not allowed to vote in the UK Referendum.

“Principle of family” Except for those women who might need an abortion or health service through Planned Parenthood, except for gay people, except for children who are born to longstanding though undocumented US residents, except for EU spouses & children.

“Economic prudence” Except when blowing the budget through infrastructure & military spending as proposed by Trump, or except when Sterling is allowed through the Brexit referendum, and a Hard-Brexit brakes your ties with the world’s largest market.

“Patriotism”  As long as is expressed through the ownership of guns, waterboarding & torture, building walls, discriminating against immigrants, reneging on rights of EU citizens.

“Putting power with the people” As long as the cabinet are billionaires, as long as the people do not have health insurance. As long as millions of women marching are ignored. As long as UK petitions larger than the EU vote differential are ignored, the Tory MP’s march in line with the Brexit idealogues, as long as Parliament, the Courts, the House of Lords do not say anything against the hard-Brexit mantra.

It comes so easily to Theresa May: soothing clichés which signify nothing!

And then they say that Donald Trump is the one who says whatever is needed to flatter his interlocutor…..

January 28, 2017