Boris Johnson the ‘nearly racist’ as Foreign Secretary; the price of pragmatism?

Boris Johnson is the man who said that President Obama because of his Kenyan ancestry has anti-British sentiments. Boris is the man who said that the EU has the same ambitions as Hitler. Boris is the one who equated all new immigrants to being EU immigrants. Boris knew full well that the bedrock of his Leave campaign support was the racist UKIP and ┬áit’s ethnically-exploiting Syrian-refugee poster-boy Farage. Boris, the man who persisted in the falsehood that is ‘350 million per week to the EU’. Boris is the man who was delighted when Gove ‘knived’ him: Boris never had a plan for Brexit and now he could walk away from it.

And now Boris is Foreign Secretary!

How can such man with a straight face go to all the countries and people he insulted?

More importantly, what was the – supposed-Remainer-but-never-campaigner – Theresa May thinking?

Well, in pragmatism may lie the answer. As Foreign Secretary, Boris is to a large extent responsible for Brexit proceedings. Thank God that the nitty-gritty and detailed workings are left to another than arithmetically challenged Boris. Still, the Boris cannot disavowe what is being done by the cabinet and thankfully we, the public, can vent our frustrations on Boris when negotiations get screwed up which inevitably they will.

Such is perhaps the main reason that Theresa has eliminated a pestering, pot-shooting ignoramous from the back-benches. That would have been no-plan Boris’ raison d’etre if he had not been in the cabinet: simply being that thorn in the side, sniper at everything the government does.

If so, what price for pragmatism??