Did Farage & Villiers give up their EU / MEP pensions?

Dear Mr Juncker, Now that I campaigned for and achieved Brexit and do not want to have anything to do with the EU, I hereby respectfully request that you cancel my EU / MEP pension rights. I only find it intellectually consistent to take this step as I do not want to receive funds from an institution that I find to be a disaster. Sincerely yours, Farage & Villiers.

Thus is the hypocrisy of these politicians that 1) we will never know the answer to this question and 2) if I were a betting man, the likelihood of this happening is in effect nil, zero, nada.

In fact, these politicians are very happy: their pension just went up by more than 13%. Ah, so that was the plan all along: rubbish Sterling so my gold-plated EU pension goes up….. Bravo!

12 July 2016